Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ten Things Thursday...

1.  This morning for breakfast I made myself a Canadian bacon and string cheese omelet.  It was delicious.  I was also running late for work.  I'll give you one guess what happened.... Yes, I sacrificed several bites of the omelet to the PB gods.  Boo!

2.  Every weekday, I have chicken nuggets for lunch.  I bring them from home and nuke them in the office and eat at my desk.  They're low-calorie (if you stick to just eating a serving) and high protein.  I've been shopping around for different brands to try.  Yesterday I had nuggets shaped like drumsticks.  Today, they're shaped like dinosaurs.

3.  I have a product recommendation for you if you like blue cheese dressing:

Bolthouse Farms Chunky Blue Cheese Yogurt dressing.  Guys, it's only 35 calories a serving, but it tastes like a 160 calorie dressing.  I've been on the hunt for the perfect low-cal creamy dressing, and this may just be it.  I mixed two tablespoons of dressing with one tablespoon of Frank's Red Hot Wing Sauce and used it as a sauce for my chicken last night.  OMNOMNOM, kids.  OMNOM.

4.  As of Tuesday, I'd done an hour on the elliptical every day for 7 days.  I broke the streak last night - I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes on the treadmill.  Awww, yeah, I been getting my gym on, y'all, which would explain why...

5.  ...I am now closer to 200 than I am to 300.  Hell yeah, I am.

6.  I did the unthinkable, you guys.  I signed up for the August bootcamp session.  Remember when I almost quit after the first session?  Funny how quickly things change.

7.  The wife and I are planning to do two-a-days on bootcamp days in August.   Bootcamp in the morning, gym time in the evening.  I may need someone to send an ambulance.

8.  Yesterday, the most clueless and oblivious guy in the office complimented me on my weight loss.  So I know it must be starting to show if *he* notices.

9.  The weekend cannot get here fast enough.  Holy smokes.  My workweek has been hell.  My job is hell.  But I'm trying really hard not to focus on it, because it's not going to change anytime soon, and I'll just drive myself crazy if I make my work misery the focus of my life. 

10..  But that doesn't mean that I won't ask if any of you know of any job openings in the DFW area...?


  1. Yay. That's fantastic news and good for you sticking with the workouts. xx

  2. This brand has ranch and honey mustard too both great! Low calorie!!!! Love it

  3. #5...woot, woot. That's awesome!!! Honey, I am a chicken nugget/strip connoisseur. I can pretty much give you a rating on any chicken strip/nugget at any restaurant in my town. I used to be all about the ones at Chic Fil A...but I don't eat there any more. I like Wendy's and I pretty much can't handle McDonald's any more.

  4. You are SUCH AN INSPIRATION to me :) Awesome on the "almost to 200," and the elliptical beast!

  5. PS: I googled the dressing and I can get it 30 miles away at HyVee :) I'm going to get it on Tuesday! What do you recommend on the nuggets? What brands?

    1. Sorry for the late response, I tend not to get on the computer too much on the weekends. :) I like the Market Pantry (Target private label) brand the best, but I like Tyson, too (the Market Pantry ones tend to cheaper than Tyson by at least a buck). I'm also a fan of HEB brand (not sure if you've got one of those in your parts) and I like the Safeway private label as well, but my wife thinks those are a little spicy.

  6. Damn, an hour on the elliptical! You're doing so well. :)

    You'll have to let us know how the bootcamps go this time around. August is HOT HOT HOT.

  7. Thanks for the email and response above. I found out the local grocery store here in town sells your salad dressing. I was so pumped to see that yesterday!! I'll check out what Wally World sells for nuggets but I'm also going to get the pepperoni and Canadian Bacon you mentioned too.