Friday, August 31, 2012

How can I make this day go by faster?

I have never been happier about a Friday in my life.  I need some time off work to decompress, recenter and figure out my next move.  And, you know, sleep and lounge around in bed.  And go to the outlets.

So, can I tell you guys a secret?  Something weird is going on with money around my house.  Talking about money may be a little uncouth, but I am not a particularly couth kind of girl, so let's chat. 

My band surgery was, theoretically, covered 80% by my insurance.  I was supposed to pay the other 20% out of pocket.  So at 5pm the day before my pre-op appointment, they called me to tell me the final amount that I needed to pay.  I told them that I would pay half at the pre-op appointment and half on surgery day the next week.  I paid my half the next day, but on surgery day, in the midst of all of my anxiety, I forgot to bring up payment, and no one brought it up to me.  So I didn't pay the other half.  I honestly thought they'd send me a bill.  But no one said anything to me about money again until my second fill.  There, the doctor's office said, "It looks like you have a balance."  I'm thinking, "Okay, the other half."  But no.  It was a *very* small amount (the equivalent of a couple of fills) compared to what I thought I still owed.  Hmmm?  Alrighty.  So I paid that.  Then, maybe a month after that (mid-July) I got a check in the mail.  From the insurance company.  A very large check. 

Ooooooookay.  *boggled*

Then the pool skimmer broke.  Fixing it cost almost the same amount as the check that I got from the insurance company.  It's meant to be, says I!

As best I can figure, my insurance actually covered 90% of the band before I got to my out-of-pocket limit.  Which means that the insurance coordinator at my doctor's office had no idea what she was talking about when she said 80/20, and no idea what she was doing when she told me what I owed.  

Then, to continue the money mysteries, yesterday I got a check in the mail from my mortgage company.  It's about two mortgage payments worth.  They say I overpaid into my escrow account, so I get 1) a refund and 2) a lower mortgage payment going forward. WTF?  Who does this happen to?

So now I'm waiting for something else to break around the house to the tune of two mortgage payments worth of repairs, because this is what happens, apparently, when I get random, unexpected and delightful checks in the mail.

Anyway, on to the exercise portion of this post.

Today was the last day of bootcamp for this session, so it was time trials again, the goal being to see how much we've improved versus the beginning of the month.  I took more than 12 minutes off my time.  I mean, I also thought I was going to die afterward, but here's the thing - it helps to compete with people you don't like, because I was really driven to kick their asses.  And I did.  I actually came in first.  Mmmmhmmm.

I went to Body Pump on Tuesday and Thursday.  I like it.  I feel totally badass when we do our clean and jerks.  Even though I'm only doing like 14 pounds.  Shut up.  I can see myself adding Body Pump to my exercise routine.  And hopefully over time it will help with the batwings.

What I will not be adding to the routine is the 5:30am spinning class.  So, I'm no stranger to spinning class.  I've been to a few.  But I've never been to the 5:30am class, and I've never had that instructor.  The wife and I got in early and started setting up our bikes, adjusting the seats, etc.  And the instructor came right up to us and started adjusting the seats for us.  Now, maybe I'm hypersensitive (particularly at 5:30 in the morning), but this irritated me.  It would have been nice if she had asked if we needed help, or asked if we'd done this before, or just stood by and observed and jumped in if we looked confused.  But we didn't look confused.  We've done this before.  The wife said to me (and I agree), "It's like she saw us and said, 'Ooooh, fatties, they won't know what they're doing, I have to go do it for them.'"  I should have told her that I was fine, that we've done spinning classes in the past and that I can adjust my own bike seat.  Instead, I excused myself to go to the bathroom (while she continued to fiddle with my seat) and didn't go back.  Instead, I did 5 miles in an hour on the elliptical, which ended up being my best elliptical workout yet.  So apparently I was motivated by my irritation.


  1. I love unexpected money! The motor on my pool filter went out last week. Since we haven't been in the pool since school started back we just decided we wait until next year to fix it...maybe I will get some unexpected money then :)

  2. I had a spin teacher recently come and adjust my tension 3x (others too)... I promise I was ready to cut a bitch if she came toward me again

  3. I know why you got those extra checks, to send to me, my hubby was laid off so there that solves that hahahaa.... hey maybe you should go let the spinning chick piss you off daily get in some good workouts, I seriously hate people at 530 am there is nothing good about a morning that starts that early, excpet maybe a pissed off workout lol

  4. Way to work off your irritation!! lol