Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Halfway and Potatoes

Upon weighing in this morning, I find myself down a pound from yesterday.  So let's just ignore my panicky post wherein I whined about how I wasn't losing fast enough, shall we?  Though I do reserve my right to post panickily again at some point in the future.

Also, this morning's weigh-in puts me at -71 pounds, which is exactly 50% of my excess weight.  50%!  So I've decided to make it my goal to get to -100 pounds by the end of the year.  There are 20 weeks until 1/1/13, which means that I'll need to lose a little less than 1.5 pounds per week to get there.  Seems reasonable, right?  The stretch goal will be to lose -116 by the end of the year, putting me in Onederland for 2013 (the wife makes fun of me every time I call it that).  That would be a loss of 2.25 pounds per week.  We'll see.

I also kicked up the resistance a notch on the elliptical this week.  My hours on the dread machine were getting (dare I say) a little too easy.  I wasn't sweating as much as I did when I started on the elliptical (which is to say that instead of sweating the equivalent of Lake Superior, I was only sweating the equivalent of Lake Erie).  It's harder now, but still doable.  I've decided that I will take the resistance up one notch a week for the next 10 weeks and see how it goes. 

I do still love watching my Paula Deen while working out, though.  Watching her slather butter on every flat surface (and some not-so-flat ones) never gets old.

Now it's time for product recommendations! 

I always stop at Trader Joe's on the way home from a fill appointment, because trying to go to TJ's on the weekends here is just an exercise in frustration.  So on my way home from my fourth fill yesterday, I stopped in and loaded up on the basics - egg white salad, spinach and kale dip, fat free microwave brownie mix (!!!) and these:

I cooked them up in the oven and topped them with a shake of Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning and they were delish!  The skins crisped up nicely and the cheese got all ooey gooey in the way that the best cheese-stuffed things do.  They were better than some restaurant potato skins I've had, and the best part is that there are 5 pieces in a serving for only 110 calories.  Not a lot of protein to be had here, though - it's pretty much a carb-fest (actually, a serving is only 8g of carbs).  But for 110 calories, it's a great indulgence. 

Here's another one - I stay away from carbonation these days, but I really, *really* miss the flavors of some sodas, particularly root beer.  I love root beer.  I've loved root beer since I was a kid growing up in Detroit (holla!) and my dad would let me sip on his Faygo (as a side note, Faygo Red Pop is like crack, guys.  I'm seriously convinced that Red Pop addiction is responsible for 85% of the current problems in Detroit).  It's also like 107 degrees here most days, which means I'm pretty much constantly craving something cold.  So when I saw these at Tom Thumb the other day, I had to buy them:

It's a root beer-flavored shell over creamy vanilla ice cream.  They're only 100 calories a bar and they stop my root beer obsessing dead in its tracks.  Yum!

Speaking of craving something cold, I like to keep packets of drink mix in my car so that on super hot days, I can just buy a bottle of water from wherever I'm shopping and flavor it up on the spot.  I've been drinking mostly the Market Pantry stuff, because I like grape and I haven't been able to find that flavor in other drink mixes (other than Hawaiian Punch), but I've recently stumbled upon this:

I'd never heard of this particular brand before, but I was in Garden Ridge (seriously, the most random store ever) and I was out of drink mix for my car, so I decided to try it.  LOVE!  It's sweet but not too sweet, with a nice tang.  When it comes to drink mixes, I like mine pretty weak and this is pretty strong, so I make sure to dilute it well - I put two packets of this in a 50 oz. bottle of Ozarka (which is the lamest name for a bottled water ever).  I couldn't find this in other stores for the longest time, so I ended up buying 10 boxes from Garden Ridge (that got me some odd looks, like, who comes to Garden Ridge to buy drink mix?  This girl, that's who).  Then I saw it in the $1 aisle at Alberton's!  I've tried other flavors by Wyler's, but I keep coming back to the cherry limeade.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to finish up my second 36 oz. bottle of cherry limeade before noon.  


  1. Walmart brand (Great Value) also has a cherry limeade flavor. I like it, but like you, I like it weak so I don't add the whole thing.

    1. I will have to try that. There's a WM not far from my house, but I very rarely shop there.

  2. Love TJ's I'll have to try these....

  3. Congrats on the half way mark.

  4. Oh yum. Those potato skins are worth it for an indulgence. :)

    Do you ever see wild strawberry flavor at Garden Ridge? I need some wild strawberry and WM is always out!

  5. Those root beer float bars look amazing. YUM!