Thursday, September 6, 2012

TTT: The band isn't magic...

1.  I finally did a sub-40 minute 5k last night:

I'm still not fast (more of a jog than a run, really, though at times it feels like sprinting to me), but at least I know I could finish a 5k before they started to tear down the course.

2.  Body pump tonight.  I'm actually looking forward to it!

3.  I had my fifth fill yesterday.  Hello, restriction!  I can feel my imitation Crystal Light going down ever so slowly this morning...

4.  Here's the thing I hate about getting fills:  the waiting room.  I find it's always crowded with a bunch of people whining about how the band isn't working for them.  What I overheard yesterday:

"I should have gotten the sleeve.  My friend had the sleeve and she's lost a ton of weight.  I haven't lost anything.  *takes big gulp of sweet tea out of extra large Panda Express cup*  And I work out for 20 minutes on Tuesday nights, too!  I wish they'd told me I wouldn't lose any weight."

*sigh*  I kind of want to get little cards printed that say, "The band isn't magic.  It only works if you work it." that I could hand out at moments like that.

5.  The traditional stop at Trader Joe's after my fill happened yesterday, so I come bearing another product recommendation:

These are delicious - rich and dark chocolately, and only 70 calories for 22 pieces.  Except that by 11 pieces I'm kind of overwhelmed by the richness and I can put them away.  So 35 calories for a me-sized serving!

And they have the added bonus of being dark chocolate and espresso, which are both things that the wife hates.

6.  I have to buy candy that the wife hates because if I buy candy that the wife likes, I won't get to eat any of it.  A few weeks ago, I bought a bag of individual packs of M&Ms, thinking that I could have a pack (70 calories) every once in a while as a treat.  Over the weekend, I went looking for the M&Ms for my first "treat" and found only the empty bag.  She'd eaten the entire thing before I even had one M&M.  So low-cal candy that she hates is crucial in my house.

7.  She also hates cinnamon imperials:

So those are safe around the house as well.

8.  Lest you think that I only eat crap, I have one more product recommendation:

I really like tzatziki sauce, which is odd because I don't like yogurt or cucumber.  The Trader Joe's tzatziki is delish and low-cal - 30 calories per 2 tbsp serving.  I dipped grilled chicken in it for dinner last night.

9.  When I was a kid, my father was a runner (a triathlete, actually).  He used to take me to the high school track with him and make me run - he would pretend that we were at a track meet and we would run relays and such.  My father is now almost 70 and hasn't run in years, though he still works out every day on his NordicTrack.  I have challenged him to an 800m race when I go home for Christmas.  I think I may actually be able to beat him this time, with some training!  (Though I'm not sure there's a lot of pride in besting a 70-year-old with bad knees...)

10.  At this particular juncture in my weight loss journey, I'm glad that I live in a warm climate and that the majority of work clothes I own are dresses.  Most of the dresses that I was wearing 86 pounds ago still fit me (although they fit me completely differently) so I haven't had to refresh my work wardrobe yet.  I have been through three pairs of jeans, though, and I'm about to need a fourth.  Not that I'm complaining!


  1. Yum.... I think I will check out the Trader Joe options.

  2. I love the food recommendations...except it's almost lunch time and I haven't had breakfast. MMMMMMM!

    Glad you are loving Body Pump!

  3. I think we may be close to the same size in clothes or I would send you some jeans. I have about 4 pairs that need a new home. LB size 22s. If you want them, send me a message.

    Isn't the dress/skirt think fitting different kind of crazy? I have noticed that I have dresses and skirts that are so much longer now that they aren't pushing out so far.

    1. Oooh, thanks for the offer, but those are a little big - I'm currently in 16s from Old Navy. They're getting a little baggy right now, but I'm hoping that I can just belt them and keep wearing for a while longer - buying jeans at every size is getting a little ridic, which is why I'm grateful for my dresses.

      And yes, all of my dresses are longer now than they were a few months ago! So funny!

  4. Nobody in my house seems to care anything about chocolate. The bad thing about that is tha when it's all gone, I know it was all me :)

  5. Sub 40 5k?! JEALLY. That's an awesome time, lady!

    Also... must check out the new TJ's in Plano soon. Been hearing too much good stuff in the two days it's had a location close to me to ignore it any longer. Damnit.

  6. 86 pounds!!!!! YAYYY!!! I'm excited to catch up on your blog this week so you might see a million comments from me :) I feel the same way about whiny patients. Ugh we went to 1 support group at Duke and I kid you not I heard this, "woah is me. I don't understand why i'm not losing weight? I'm doing everything I'm supposed to be doing." ok what do you eat? "Well I snack a lot and my weakness is pringles." BINGO! I don't see a whole can of pringles on the diet plan!