Friday, September 14, 2012

Checking In, Friday Update

So how did I do yesterday?
-  Vitamins and calcium:  I took them mid-morning yesterday.
-  Water:  I drank 100oz.
-  Protein:  I got 78 grams.
-  Calories:  1,028 calories and it was a STRUGGLE.  I did not want to eat the chicken that I had for dinner after the gym.  I just didn't want it at all.  I wasn't hungry, not even a little bit, and it felt so wrong forcing myself to eat.  I need to find some more calorie- and protein-dense foods.  I hear that low-sodium parmesan cheese has quite a bit of protein, so I may have to do some investigating into that.  Also, I'm thinking I may need to reexamine protein shakes.  It's just, with the shakes that I tried in the past, I hated the smell and the texture.  I don't like the smell of whey protein.  Ugh.  Are there any shakes you guys really like that don't smell gross?
-  Exercise:  I ran less than a mile on the treadmill - I got so bored.  So then I cranked it up to an 8.0 incline and walked.  Then I finished on the bike.  I exercised for an hour total (plus the hour at Body Pump), but I felt schizophrenic while doing it - I couldn't focus or get into a groove, and I was just so bored.  I'm for sure going to run outside today in the hope that it'll keep me engaged.

In other news:

-  I phone interviewed with two companies yesterday - one that's my dream job and one that would be exactly what I do right now.  The interview with my dream job went *extremely* well - my interviewer said that I was "highly qualified" and that she was going to "highly recommend" moving me to the next step in the process.  *SQUEE*  I should know more by this time next week.  The interview with the other job went okay, but I was really turned off by the interviewer, who called me 10 minutes late and told me that he only had 20 minutes to talk instead of the previously agreed upon hour (he would be my boss, so this didn't inspire a lot of confidence).  He then described a corporate culture that sounded exactly like what I currently work in.  And the role is exactly the same.  I mean, exactly.  So I think I'm taking myself out of the running for that position, as I have no interest in moving halfway across the country (again) for a job that turns out to be a disappointment (again).  In the meantime, while waiting to hear back from my dream job, I'm going to keep on applying for other positions.
-  Work is cray cray today.  But you know what?  I don't care, because it's Friday, it's cool outside and I'm wearing my size 14 jeans.  Mmmmmmhmmmm.  Snap.


  1. I drink Matrix protien skakes and a brand called Necter. They are pretty good, dont mix with water I use the Vanilla Silk. So the 2 combined comes to about 220 calories 22 G Protein 0 sugars.

    Choc/Mint Matrix if my favorite

  2. Two snaps and a twist...size little Marilyn Monroe :)

    So hope you get your dream job!!

  3. Hey Addy I am sending you some good juju to get the job you want. I dont like protein drinks much or any milky drink, but the GNC brand protein shakes that are pre-mixed are not bad. I like the vanilla. It is not think and very low in carbs. It was in a white bottle with blue font.

  4. congrats on the phone screens! I will be pulling for dream job!

  5. *crossing fingers* on your dream job. Sounds promising!!

  6. I'm sorry the second interview didn't go well... this guy's flakiness is definitely going to be telling for the future. I totally agree that you shouldn't even entertain the idea of taking that job if it's offered.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for interview #1!!