Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Checking In, Day 2

So, how did I do yesterday?

-  Vitamins and calcium:  I took them mid-morning yesterday.
-  Water:  I drank 100oz.  I wasn't nearly as thirsty yesterday as I was on Monday, but I got through 36oz. at Body Pump alone.
 -  Protein:  I got 76 grams.
-  Calories:  1,105 calories.  I ate mostly the same things as Monday, but I subbed in an egg for the shrimp I had and I managed to sneak in a popsicle (mmmm, popsicles). 
-  Exercise:  I got to the gym a little later than I would have liked, owing to the wife getting home later than expected from work.  So I only had 45 minutes to do my thing before Body Pump.  So I walked .25 miles, then ran 2.25 miles, then walked another mile.  After my longer run on Monday, my body really didn't want to participate yesterday, and the first mile of running was really, really hard.  But I hung in there, and it got better (marginally).  Then I went to Body Pump.  I still love it!

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