Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Checking In, Day 1

How did I do yesterday?  Let's see:

-  Vitamins and calcium:  I took them mid-morning yesterday.
-  Water:  I drank 144oz.  I was very, very thirsty at the end of the day - I think I drank 36oz. in half an hour at 9pm.  I had to pee like nobody's business when I woke up this morning.
-  Protein:  I got 83 grams. 
-  Calories:  1,105 calories.  I didn't eat any junk.  But my dinner was very odd and too much food - 520 calories just from dinner.  I'm going to try spreading my calories throughout the day a little more. 
-  Exercise:  I walked .25 miles, then ran a 5k, then I had to pee.  After my bathroom break, I walked another .25 miles and then ran the last mile.  So, in an hour, I ran 4.1 miles and walked .5 miles.  I feel pretty damn good about this.

And these positive changes seem to be affecting my attitude as well, at least where work is concerned.  I still hate my job, but I think at this point I'm really starting to see the ridiculousness inherent in the situation, and so I spend a lot of time laughing that I would have previously spent crying.  And even better, changing my attitude seems to be changing my karmic situation, as I've gotten two phone interviews scheduled for this week with really reputable (you've heard of them!) companies doing something much closer to what I ultimately want to be doing.


  1. Oh goodie ... Prayers being sent from the Dakota Territory on the phone interviews :)

  2. Hope the phone interviews go well!