Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1a.  I went to Zumba again last night.  Different instructor this time.  She was a disaster - the majority of the class couldn't follow her very complex moves.  It was more of a dance/choreography class than aerobics.  She also kept stopping and starting the music and asking us what we wanted to do next.  I will not be taking from her again.

1b.  There is yet another Zumba instructor tonight, so I will be giving her a try.  I'm also investigating this martial arts studio by my house that has Zumba every night.

1c.  I like Zumba much better than boot camp, which kicked my ass yesterday.  I feel bad for the people who live near my gym, because we do boot camp outside (at 5:15am) and the instructor blares (uncensored) rap music from a boom box.  If I lived nearby, I'd shank us.

2.  I generally like most of my co-workers who are at my level and below (my boss is a different conversation).  But there is this one guy.  This one, really nice guy.  WHO WILL NOT SHUT UP.  I avoid walking near him because he will try to engage me in conversation.  I try not to make eye contact, because every conversation lasts 20 minutes.  Every time he talks in a meeting, it's to rephrase something someone else has said, while taking longer to say it.  God, it drives me nuts.  I just want to duct tape his mouth shut.

3.  I am thinking about painting my living room this weekend.  We bought our house in August of last year.  It's our first house.  I generally love it, but the previous owner made some... questionable decorating choices (she also failed to disclose that the plumbing didn't work, costing me $4k in the first month I lived there, but I'm totally not bitter).  The living room is beige, with one wall (the longest, of course) being a fire engine red color.  I'm not sure what the thought process was behind that, but the previous owner seemed to have a thing for accent walls (there was also the poop brown wall in the master bedroom that was causing me to lose sleep until I finally painted it).  The red wall has been bothering me for the last 9 months.

4.  We put more water in our pool on Monday.  It's been raining since Wednesday afternoon.  The pool is now threatening to overflow.  This happens every time we put more water in the pool.

5.  I have so much work I need to do and zero motivation to do it.  Every morning this week I've come to work thinking, "I will get stuff done today!" and then it takes 5 minutes for my email to refresh, by which time I've distracted myself with something shiny that then occupies me for the rest of the day.

6.  My mother is coming to visit me in July.  My parents do not know about my band.  I am currently living in fear of PBing in front of her.  Chew, chew, chew!

7.  I finished my 300 calorie, 20g of protein breakfast about 3 hours ago.  I'm starting to get hungry again.  Is 3 hours of satiation about what I should expect at this point in time?

8.  I use my chewable vitamins as a snack.

9a.  I've been doing a good job with my water goals this week.  I aim for 100 oz. every day - yesterday, due to the two exercise sessions, I got 126 oz.  

9b.  I have an aunt who had water poisoning several years ago.  It landed her in the hospital.  I am now very paranoid about this.

10.  I'm so jealous of all of you that work summer hours on Fridays.  My job used to offer that, but it went away - along with all of the other lovely work-life balance aspects of my company - when they moved us halfway across the country.  I miss it.


  1. I once threatened to tape a co-workers mouth shut in a class I was teaching. She thought I was joking (hopefully the rest of the 50 people in the room did too....Cat knew I was dead serious though).
    I can't earn ot at my job so I work comp time instead and "try" to take off Friday's. But when my boss says he needs me- I have to come to work.

    1. Seriously, this guy means well, which is the part that sucks. If he was a jackass, it'd be easier to hate him.