Friday, March 30, 2012

Migraines make me random

Ooof, I have what I suspect to be the beginning of a migraine.

The aura hasn't started yet, but I'm feeling particularly vertigo-ey.  It's really unpleasant, just sitting and waiting for the migraine to start.  Plus, my right eye won't stop twitching.  Anyway, while I wait, a few random thoughts:
  • I bought 12 Mega Millions tickets yesterday.  I don't normally play the lottery, but this jackpot is too big to resist.  $12 was what was left in my wallet from the last time the missus and I went to the local casino.
  • This weekend, assuming that I don't win the lottery, I'm planning to rehang, with nails this time, the photo collage over our bed that fell down when the Command strips we used totally failed.  35 pictures.  All fell down.  Screw you, 3M.
  •  I'm hoping to make it to the gym tonight, if the migraine doesn't slow me down.  Tonight will make 8 days in a row.
  •  The woman who sits next to me at work seems to have made it her life's mission to be as loud as humanly possible.  Every day.  Every minute of every day.  She talks loud, she uses her speakerphone, she breathes loud, she's actually currently cleaning out her desk and repeatedly slamming all of the drawers.  I kind of want to slam *her face* in a drawer.
  •  I tried (for the third time) to eat cottage cheese today.  I've tried it with various things mixed in, and I just can't get past the texture.  I think that I will never be a cottage cheese fan.  


  1. I bought lotto tickets too...I usually don't play, but like you, I thought the jackpot was too big to resist.

    I hate those Command strips! I put some on the inside of my closet door to hang purses, scarves, etc. They all broke!

    I really, really tried to like cottage cheese...but I just don't. It is icky.

    1. I won three whole dollars on my lottery investment. Hope you did better!