Thursday, March 29, 2012

10 Things Thursday

1.  I've been having a problem lately - the area between my boobs itches.  Intensely.  Like, I kind of want to rub a cheese grater all over it for hours at a time (I haven't actually done that, thanks).  It's wildly inappropriate at work.  I can't determine if it's boob sweat as the weather gets warmer (I doubt it, because I've never had this before, and I've had sweaty boobs for at least 15 previous summers) or if it's the laundry detergent.  I hope it's not the detergent, because my beautiful wife coupons, which means we have at least 20 bottles of the stuff.  Though I suppose I could sell it for drugs.

2.  The interior designers came today (don't go thinking I'm highfalutin' with interior designers and such - there was a Living Social deal).  I was...  not impressed.  They didn't offer any ideas I didn't already have, and they wanted me to stucco my brick fireplace.  Mk. 

3.  Saw Hunger Games for the fourth time last night.  Also, I bought Hunger Games art off of etsy.  Don't worry, it's minimalistic.  And cute.  The art.  Not the movie.  The movie is not cute.  Though Josh Hutcherson is cute.  Looking at him makes me feel like a pervy old lady.  Stop talking, self, before you reveal too much.

This photo combines my two favorite things:  Arms and bread.  And now I've revealed too much.

4.  Been to the Y 6 days in a row.  Plan to go directly after work to make it 7.  I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to squeeze in exercise when I'm traveling through three different cities next week.  I'll make it work!

5.  My dog needs a haircut.  He has Old Man Hair.  And sad eyes.

6.  I like to put images in my posts, even if they're just random things that I find on Google images.  For thing number one on this list, I Googled "boob itch."  Bad idea.

7.  We're going to Vegas next weekend because at the airport on the way home from our New Year's trip, I opened my wallet and found a payout slip for $140 that I hadn't cashed in.  It expires 6 months from date of issuance.  So we're spending quite a bit more than $140 to go back to Vegas to claim $140.  Logic, she is twisted.

8.  I want an iPad, but I've been having a problem convincing myself to pull the trigger.  But I really, really want one.  Maybe I should make it a reward for hitting a goal post-band.

9.  I need to weed in the backyard this weekend.  There are dandelion plants that come up to my waist.  And I am nearly 6 feet tall. 

10.  I'm ready for it to get just a few degrees warmer so that we can officially open the pool.  We had it cleaned a couple of days ago, but the water is still too chilly to do anything other than put my legs in up to the knee. 

Happy Thursday!


  1. I so am ready to open my pool too, but we usually don't open it until May. Ours has NOT been cleaned yet and it is pretty nasty right now...ugh.

    1. Oh, the pool was out of control before we had it cleaned. Sometime this winter, the self-timing filter decided to stop timing itself, leading to a complete lack of filtration. It was Not Pretty. But now that it's all clean and smells like chlorine (which is the smell of summer to me), I'm so ready to swim!