Monday, March 26, 2012

Week of Crazy

This last week has been insane.

(Do you know how many pictures of Tyra Banks you get when you Google "crazy?"  Answer:  A lot.)

Last Monday, I had my EGD.  I arrived at the hospital at 6:15am (I was supposed to be there by 6, but I got a little lost trying to find it), checked in by 6:30, was in my gown by 6:45 and was wheeled back at 7:15.  Then I had the best nap of my life, woke up at 7:30 and was dressed and out of there by 7:45.  It went very smoothly - the nurses and doctors were all so nice (though the anesthesiologist was a bit of a cocky turd).  No grogginess, no pain, nothing.  I would feel really confident having my band surgery at this place (not sure if it will be here or at one of the other places my doctor works).  I was having breakfast at IHOP at 8 and shopping for new kitchen fixtures at 9, since I had the whole day off and felt fine.  I did wind up taking a nap in the afternoon, but that was mostly because I'd been awake since 4am after about 3 hours of sleep.  Plus, I like to nap.

Tuesday, the storms rolled in just as I was scheduled to fly to New York.  My flight was delayed 2-1/2 hours, but I was still in the city by 4pm (even after my car service driver tried to kill me in Newark).  I settled in to my hotel and took a long nap (are we sensing a theme?) before meeting up with my BFF from grad school.  We went to Meme for dinner, then over to Soho House for bingo, where a drag queen told me I had the biggest boobies he'd ever seen and demanded a picture of them.  Lemme tell you, when drag queens are jealous of the size of your rack, you know it's time to lose weight.

Wednesday was spent trying not to fall asleep in an all day conference.  I succeeded.  Mostly.

(Additionally, do you know how many Twilight-related screenshots you get when you Google "boring?")

And then, of course, Wednesday night saw much drinking at the rooftop bar at Hotel Gansevoort as we celebrated not falling asleep in the all day conference.  Or something.  All I know is...  well, not much.  I haven't been that drunk in a long time, and won't be again for a long time.

Thursday morning, I slept it off on the floor of the Newark airport.  (I know, I'm covered in Jersey now.)  I flew home with my hangover, took a nap (yes, again!) and was up at 8pm for dinner at the Melting Pot, followed by the midnight showing of The Hunger Games.  Loved the movie, hated the crowd.  Why are people so rude?  Why would you pay $10 for a movie ticket and spend the whole time on your phone, or getting up and down to go outside and smoke?  Sit down, turn off your phone and watch the damn screen, seriously.  You are not important enough to be texting that much at midnight.  No, I promise.

Then Friday, I was seriously spent, so I called in late to work and slept in until 10:30.  It was blissful.  When I did go in, no one else was there - also blissful.  The joys of coming back from a business trip the day before everyone else.  I took it easy for most of the afternoon, then joined the wife at the gym for a bit of cardio and weights.  Friday night, I crashed early.

Saturday, it was off to the movies again - yes, another showing of The Hunger Games.  I saw it again on Sunday, too.  Don't judge me.  I also went to the gym both of those days, so I'm counting the weekend as a win.

I have my follow up doctor's appointment tomorrow morning.  When I was in the recovery room after my EGD, he told me that I had a "huge" hernia.  Fun!  


  1. I love me some drag queens...if a queen was jealous of anything on me I would take that as a compliment :)

    Omg...The Melting absolute fave for dessert!!

    I had a large hernia too that was repaired when I got banded. You will notice a huge difference with your gerd after it is repaied :)

    1. I think I may actually be more excited about the hernia repair than the band!