Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Happiest Place on Earth


My wife is a huge Harry Potter fan.  Her big dream is to go to Universal Studios and do the Harry Potter experience or whatever it is that they have there (not being a huge Harry Potter fan, I have no idea what it's called and honestly don't care enough to Google it).  When I started investigating WLS, I told her that I would take her to Disney World and Universal Studios and the whole Orlando song and dance a year after I got my Lap Band.  I figured that gave me enough time to lose enough weight that I wouldn't be incredibly anxious about fitting on the rides.

And then the wife found out that I'm going to Orlando in April (for work).  At the same time that good friends of hers will be driving through Orlando.

*double sigh*

In other words - "You don't fit on this ride, fatty."

And now I've been roped in to a two-day side trip to Disney World and Epcot (not Universal Studios, because the friends think it's a waste of time).  Suddenly, The Happiest Place on Earth feels a lot more like:

I've been doing my research, and it does seem that many, if not most, of the rides at Disney/Epcot are of the type that will accommodate my girth.  That said, I'm so worried about those that might not that I kind of don't want to try anything, lest I be humiliated in front of the wife and her friends. 

I wish this trip was happening next year.  Hell, I wish I hadn't let myself get to this size in the first place, as I wouldn't be having this anxiety now.

One day, I will go to an amusement park without a second thought, and I will ride every single ride, probably more than once.  I promise myself that.

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