Monday, April 2, 2012

I love the weekend

I can't remember the last time I had such a productive weekend. 

Saturday, we woke up early (7am!) and headed out on our grocery shopping extravaganza.  We don't normally grocery shop every week (wifey usually takes care of the shopping), but there were a bunch of great sales on Saturday, and we wanted to try to shop in a different neighborhood to see if we could get some different Albertson's Monopoly game pieces.  Three grocery stores later, we're stocked up and we saved close to 55%.

 Then we went home, put away the groceries and then immediately headed out again for The Hunger Games (time #5).  (We didnt' get any good Monopoly pieces, by the way.)

Now, contrary to what you might think, I don't love going to the movies.  Mostly, I don't love the people at the movies.  I usually find them obnoxious.  You know, teenagers who spend the whole time texting on their phones, people who explain the movie to the people sitting next to them, that kind of thing. 

If this is you, I hate you.

But the movie theater by my house has this great policy - No one under 16 admitted without parent or guardian 21 or older (I think they may have this policy because the theater serves beer).  As a result, this theater tends to be quieter.

Unfortunately, this was not the case on Saturday, as I ended up sitting next to a girl and her boyfriend while the girl explained everything that was happening.  Out loud.  But my lovely wife, knowing that I am easily irritated at the movies, offered to switch seats with me; however, in the process, I spilled a drink.  A very large drink.  All down the back of my pants.  So, while I made it through the rest of the movie, we decided to go home afterward and change for the gym, rather than go shopping, which was the original plan.

At the gym, the elliptical kicked my ass.  Seriously, I could only do it for 5 minutes.  I spent the rest of the time doing hills on the treadmill.

Sunday, we woke up a little later and went outside to weed.  There were some seriously large dandelions taking over the backyard.  After we were done, we decided to get in the pool.  It was still pretty chilly, but the day was so hot and the pool just looked so tempting.  Once I was in, I adjusted pretty quickly to the water temperature and really enjoyed it.  The weather is going to be cooler this week, so we may not be able to get back in for a while, but it was nice while it lasted. 

After the pool, it was off to the gym again, then back to shower, change and shop.  I got some new jeans at LB - size 24 (the size 22s fit fine, but they were way too short).  Then some bathmats at Target, and then another showing of The Hunger Games (#6).  Everyone was polite this time, and there was no spilling. 

Today, I'm leaving work early to run to the gym and then home to shower and change, then back out - there's a thing at work, and I have to be there until 10.  Which means I won't get home until 11, and then I have to catch a 7am flight in the morning.  Ack!  I already want a nap!

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  1. We don't have any theaters around here that sells alcohol. I live in the "bible belt" so I probably won't see it any time soon.

    Y'all must really love that movie :)