Monday, October 29, 2012

I am on the verge of collapse!

I had the busiest weekend I've had in recent memory. 

On Friday, I:
-  Agreed to dogsit for a co-worker.  See, I thought I liked dogs.  I have a dog.  In fairness, my dog is really more like a neurotic toddler in a dog costume.  He's not really a typical dog (lookit that face!):

My co-worker's dog is a Real Dog:
-  Discovered that, while I thought I liked dogs, I don't.  I like my dog.  Other dogs, Real Dogs, are kind of a pain in the ass.
-  Wrangled the Real Dog while the appraiser assessed my house.
-  Took my Neurotic Toddler Dog and the Real Dog for a 3-mile walk.  It felt more like a 3-hour tour.

On Saturday, I:

-  Woke up at 7:30 and went to Cycle.  I like Cycle way better than RPM - the instructor was playing Halloween music, so we cranked it out to "Time Warp" and "Thriller" and I got sweaty in a way that I don't get at RPM.  Then I followed that with Body Pump with a new instructor, who was pretty hardcore.  I liked it.  It was a good way to kick off the weekend. 
-  Went home, showered, dressed and went to early vote.  Now I don't have to stress about voting on election day, *whew*. 
-  Went home and met with Realtor #1.  I liked her.  I had originally requested the realtor who sold me my house a year ago, but she's in Italy (hmph!), so her office sent over this woman instead.  We walked around the house, she commented on some things, we went over comps, she stayed for about an hour.
-  Laid down on the couch for 20 minutes.  Tried to avoid getting licked by the Real Dog.
-  Met with Realtor #2.  I liked her as well, just a little bit less than #1. 
-  After Realtor #2 left, the wife and I went to renew our Texas car inspections.  My car freaking failed.  Apparently, my tires were bald.  Wah! 
-  Got new tires.  I do so enjoy these unplanned expenses, don't you?
-  Went back to renew my Texas car inspection.  Passed this time.  Screw you, Texas.
-  Had Chipotle for dinner.  I get a carnitas bowl, no rice, with black beans, fajita veggies, pico and lettuce and maybe, if I'm feeling mischievous, a bit of green salsa.  370 calories, 37 grams of protein, incredibly filling.  
-  Went to Target to look for a Halloween costume for the wife, who needs to wear a "zoo" themed costume to work today and Wednesday.  Didn't find anything, but bought a lot of yogurt.
-  Went home.  Collapsed.  Was licked by the Real Dog.  A lot.

On Sunday, I:

-  Woke up.  Was kind of sad about it. 
-  Showered, dressed and headed out to Burlington Coat Factory.  Did not find a suitable coat. 
-  Went to the Halloween store.  Found a penguin costume for the wife.
-  Went to Home Depot for supplies.  Ugh.
-  Had Chipotle for lunch.  Nom.
-  Went home and started working on the bathroom/bedroom.  See, my house has settled a bit, leading to some cracks in the walls.  So we had to:
  • Spackle some cracks around the archways to the master bath
  • Hardcore spackle one corner of the master bedroom and a bit of the wall above the window
  • Hardcore spackle three corners of the master bath, along with the top of two of the walls
  • Spray texture on the bathroom wall where the wife took down wallpaper only to discover two live junction boxes, which an electrician had to come out and remove, leaving the wall oddly lumpy, so the only solution was to use some spray texture (that made a giant mess, but ended up looking pretty good)
  • Paint acoustic texture on the ceiling in the entry way
  • Sand down the closet doors in both of the other bedrooms and the entryway
-  Somewhere in there, I made the wife put on the penguin costume.  Nothing says "I love you" like home improvement in a penguin costume.
-  Took the dogs on a 2 mile walk.

After work today, I will:

-  Meet with Realtor #1 again to fill out some paperwork
-  Give the Real Dog back to co-worker.
-  Paint the master bathroom and touch up the master bedroom.
-  Try to fit in some exercise.
-  Collapse.

This morning I weighed in at 205.5.  I am no longer obese!  Now I'm merely overweight!  Holla!  The wife is a little upset by this development, because her weight loss has been stalled at about 30 pounds since August.  I gave her a reassuring talk about how, if she's eating well and exercising, it will happen for her - it's just happening faster for me because I had more to lose and I got a freaking Lap-Band to help me.  She whinged that she's "eating all the same things you are and exercising just as much and not losing!"  And then this morning I found the discarded wrapper of a Kit Kat bar.  Hmph!


  1. Real Dog is a "real boxer" and they lick like crazy dogs. I have a sign for mine that says "Caution: My Dog Can't hold Her Licker" Ha Ha Ha

    1. Oh, I know - though I did learn that if you pretend it hurts when they lick, they don't do it because they don't want to hurt you. So all weekend when she would lick me, I would say "ow!" and make a pouty face. By last night, she was done trying to lick me! Pretty successful!

  2. enjoyed post! Thanks for sharing! Real Dog and Neurotic Dog...did they like each other?

    1. They tolerated each other. Which was better than I could have hoped for!

  3. Who knew you could vote early!?!?! I just thought old people could and people overseas who are Americans. Where have I been?

    I'm with the wife on the weight loss. I haven't budged much but the candy in the candy dish is way too tempting NOT to sample. Once Halloween is over, I'll restart my "rules" again but I'm still losing sizes. And that's a plus right???

    I'm with you on the dogs. Real dogs. Eeegh.

  4. LOL, but you know, when you hit a plateau, they say to bump up your calories a smidge. Maybe that was the madness behind the KK bar! :)

  5. CUTIE PATUTIE dog you have. LOL @ the "real dog" licking you. Sounds like a fun filled weekend. ;) I agree with Tina... maybe wifey was trying to trick her body with a few extra calories.. hence the KK wrapper. ;)