Thursday, October 18, 2012


1.  So far, Dream Job is earning the name, and I haven't even signed my contract yet.  I feel like I'm in the very beginning stages of a romantic relationship - I get good butterflies every time I think about it.  They're doing *everything* they can on their end to make sure that the transition goes as smoothly for me as possible, including accommodating without question one request that I was honestly concerned would be a little outlandish.  We've agreed on a start date at the beginning of December, so it's almost settled.  The relocation process is about to begin! 

2.  I'm leaving my current job for a lot of reasons, and I've been letting those reasons build up inside of me for about a year now.  I've been getting really bitter.  But now that I have Dream Job lined up, I find myself not nearly as bitter as I was a few weeks ago.  I feel like I can see things a little more clearly, a little more objectively.  But damn, guys - I CANNOT WAIT to turn in my resignation letter.  Especially because current job?  Is in a hiring freeze.  *insert evil laugh here*

3.  I'm gonna need a winter coat.  I kind of love this one...  Ooooh, or this one, except the only size they have available is 3X and I'M NOT A 3X ANYMORE, wheeeee!

4.  I'm going to be able to walk to work in my new city.  I cannot even express how happy that makes me.  Which begs the question - who have I become, that I'm looking *forward* to walking to work?  Let me tell you a story:  A few years ago, my wife and I went to a cute little neighborhood to get a Ben & Jerry's ice cream cone.  Once we had our cones, my wife begged me to walk around the block with her, all romantic, holding hands, eating ice cream.  But I didn't want to walk around the block.  It was too far.  I wanted to take my ice cream and drive home.  I bitched.  And moaned.  And complained.  About walking around the block.  Seriously.  And now I want to walk to work?  I love you, Lap-Band!

5.  We have friends coming in to visit us this weekend, so we are planning trips to the State Fair and the casino.  This will be the last weekend of fun before the frantic home improvement begins so that we can sell the house!

6.  We are not buying a house in new city.  I need some recovery from the stress of being a homeowner.

7.  My official wedding band is a plain, polished band.  It matches my wife's.  Mine is a size 11.  It doesn't fit anymore.  Not even a little bit.  It flies off of my hand if I try to wear it.  So I tried on my wife's.  Hers is a 9.  It also doesn't fit - it's way too loose on my finger, though obviously not as bad as the 11.  So then I tried on a cocktail ring that used to belong to my grandmother - it's a giant aquamarine set in platinum, and it has never fit me, but because it's set in platinum, I never wanted to pay to get it sized up (and also, sizing up rings tends to make them a lot more fragile).  I've never worn it in my life - it barely fit over my pinky knuckle when I tried it on in the spring.  Now - it fits.  Holy smokes. 

8.  I have a confession to make - aside from the suit that I had to buy to wear to my interview last week, I don't own a pair of dress slacks.  There are several reasons - I've been going down in pants sizes very quickly, and I'm tall, so I generally need long inseams, which are harder to find (and sometimes a little more expensive, especially in larger sizes).  If I'd bought just one pair of work slacks in every size I've been in since May, I'd have had to buy 6 pairs of pants.  Not an investment I'm willing to make for pants I can wear, on average, for a month.  So I've been wearing a lot of dresses, because my work wardrobe before weight loss mainly consisted of dresses, and I haven't been sizing out of dresses as fast (thanks, giant boobies).  But yesterday my boss said to me, "I think it's time you buy some pants.  Banana Republic is having a sale."  And my first reaction was, "You loon, I can't fit into anything at Banana Republic."  And then I realized - yes, I can.  Oh my god, I can fit into things at Banana Republic! 

I'm still not buying slacks, though.

9.  I have to find a fill doctor in the new city.  This makes me nervous, because I so love my doctor, and everything has been going so smoothly.

10.  I have so much food in my chest freezer that I'm thinking about having a frozen food giveaway party.  Any Texas locals want to come over and claim some frozen steaks? 


  1. So excited to see you excited about Dream Job! I am jealous of your cold weather and the walk to work.

  2. congrats on the ring NSV!! :) And I love that you love that you can walk to your new job. Awesome!! :)

  3. So Excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay for the rings fitting!

  4. **Perhaps your lap band doc in Texas knows someone of "worth" in said new city :)
    **Has giant boobs gotten smaller since you are now smaller???
    **I cannot wait to be able to walk into a said store like Banana Republic and look at actual clothes instead of the "accessories" section.
    **You continue to awe and inspire me. Daily.