Thursday, November 15, 2012


1.  I am 30 seconds away from climbing through the phone and strangling my "relocation consultant."  Yesterday I asked her several questions regarding my relocation package, including if there's a minimum price at which I can sell my house.  She took more than 24 hours to get back to me and basically said, "You need to ask your contact at New Company."  Lady, really?  My contact at New Company is in Talent Acquisition.  You are a "relocation consultant."  Consult, dammit!

2.  I'm also about 30 seconds away from firing my realtor.  Ugh!

3.  We are moving in less than a week.  I want so badly to be excited - new city, new adventure, new place to live...  But all this bullshit about selling the house is making it difficult to be enthused.  Why do people always rain on my parade?  (I'm very whiny today.)

4.  I weighed in at 201 this morning.  Come on, 199!  You're so close!

5.  I finally took my boss' advice and bought a pair of work pants from Kohl's a couple of weekends ago.  When I bought them, they fit.  When I put them on to wear them to work for the first time today, they're too loose.  This is why pants are hard. 

6.  I wore a size 12 dress from Banana Republic Outlet to work yesterday.  Eeeeeeeee!

7.  You know, the number one reason that I got a Lap-Band was for my health.  I was so miserable, what with the GERD and the rest of it.  And all of those issues have gone away - my blood pressure was 117/71 at my last fill, my heart rate was 72 (which is "above average" for my age), I never get heartburn anymore, my knees don't crack when I walk, I don't need to nap all of the time (though I would still *like* to nap), I've stopped smoking, I quit caffeine, I don't drink carbonated beverages, I haven't eaten at Taco Bell since April...  And I love that all of those things have happened for me.  I'm so grateful to my band for making those changes possible (though I did work my ass off to make them happen).  But I have to say - being able to walk into any store, even an outlet, and buy things off the sale rack and have them fit - I'd honestly underestimated how good that would feel.  'Cause it feels damn good.

8.  The flip side of that is that me and my addictive personality could run the risk of becoming a compulsive shopper.  Luckily, I've banned myself from buying clothes online, because I'm still not a really consistent size - I'm a 12 in skirts and a large in tops at Banana and J. Crew, but an 8 in jeans from Target (WHAT?) and I bought a winter coat in an XL from Old Navy. 

9.  This is going to sound ridiculous (and some of you may want to punch me), but I feel like when I was bigger, clothes were easier - I just put on the size 24 from LB and the XXL from Old Navy and went on my way.  In a sense, it was a little bit easier to have such limited options - 95% of the time, I didn't even try things on before buying.  But now I may have to try on an item in 3 different sizes before I find the right one.  Also, when I was bigger, if an item of clothing fit me, I bought it, regardless of how it actually looked on me - it was so hard to find clothes in my size that I couldn't afford to be picky.  Getting over that mentality is hard - I'm learning to ask myself, "Do I really love this?" before I buy it - I've never done that before.  That said, while clothes were easier when I was bigger, they're way more fun now. 

10.  My parents bought an elliptical for their house.  This makes me very happy, as now when I'm home for Christmas I won't have to run outside in the cold.  Yay!


  1. LOVE your #9 - it is wonderful to shop for clothes that fit AND look nice on you, isn't it? Instead of "oh, this fits, I better buy it so I can cover up" now we get to say "ooh, this is nice, it really makes my look good, and woot! it's on sale!"

    1. It's like a whole paradigm shift!

    2. Size 8??? You little skinny mini :)

      I hope your move goes smoothly. Moving is soooo stressful. I have only ever lived right here in my little town. I can't imagine having to plan a move far away.